It is the branch of medical science that deals with the treatment and care of tumours and cancers. The term “oncology” is a combination of two words “onco” (bulk, mass or tumour) and “logy” (study). Thus, the term indicated oncology as the study of tumours. There are millions

of people in the world who suffer from cancer. Oncology gets prominent in such an environment.

The department of oncology is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for cancer patients. Diagnosis is an important stage as far as oncology is concerned. We are well-equipped with all the necessary diagnostic tools like endoscopy, X-rays, CT scan, MRI Scan, ultrasound, Scintigraphy, Ultrasound, and other radiological techniques.

Sevana Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the country where you get comprehensive care. We have highly skilled and experienced cancer specialist or oncologists in our strength. With the help of them, we strive to provide A-Z care for the cancer patients across the world. There are still researches going on in different areas of oncology. We always keep up to date with all the emerging inventions and techniques in the field.

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