Multiple Pregnancy Management

With more and more people opting for assisted reproduction techniques, there is also an increase in the incidence of multiple pregnancy. Women with multiple gestations (twins, triplets or more) are at a higher risk of child birth complications such as preterm labor, rupture of membranes, gestational hypertension/diabetes, thromboembolism etc. In such cases, delivery also becomes complicated because of Caesarian and subsequent blood loss. Our team of experts provide the special care that an expectant mother needs based on individual needs and preferences.

Specialized Care

Since multiple pregnancies involve higher risk, frequent visits to a health professional are required for early detection and treatment of complications if necessary. Ultrasounds to monitor the growth of the babies are performed frequently. Other techniques involved are fetal heart rate monitoring, biophysical profile and Umbilical cord Doppler measurements. In case of preterm labor medications are given to reduce and stop the contractions. Appropriate nutritional tips/advice are provided in such cases where weight gain is supposed to be high. Additional rest might also be required in such cases to avoid risks.

Multiple Pregnancy Management

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