High Risk Pregnancies

What is a high risk pregnancy?

Each pregnancy is associated with some risks. But the term high risk pregnancies is used when the mother or the child has an increased chance of health problem. The cause of this could be the health problems the mother’s medical profile had prior to pregnancy or has developed during pregnancy. In such cases, it is essential for our doctors to continuously monitor the pregnancy. Some of the factors which decide a pregnancy to be high risk are

  • infertilityMother has one or more of the health problems like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Kidney Disease, Epilepsy, Cancer

  • Age of the mother (younger than 17 or older than 35)

  • Multiple pregnancy (in case of twins, triplets etc)

  • Had miscarriages earlier (more than two or three)

  • The fetus has been diagnosed with genetic disorders like Downs Syndrome, or with heart/lung/kidney ailments.

  • History of having preterm labor, Preeclampsia or seizures (eclampsia) or having a baby with a genetic problem, such as Down syndrome in previous pregnancies.

  • Sexually Transmitted diseases

  • Infections like chicken pox, rubella etc

  • Exposure to environmental toxins

  • Exposure to recreational drugs (tobacco, alcohol)

  • Exposure to pharmaceutical drugs for example anti depressants

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