FNAC Tests (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Testis)

The examination of human tissues from the various organs is called Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Testis. To evaluate the condition of male infertility, FNAC testis or Testis FNA is used. To open testicular biopsy, FNAC is been a reliable and an alternative option. For diagnosing and therapeutic tool for the management of male infertility, it is most considerable and has become popular due to some reasons:

  • Its uniform cellularity and easy accessibility has made testis an ideal organ for evaluation by FNA.
  • Its ability to find sperm for assisted reproduction.

To identify the location of the sperm in the testis is the main aim of FNAC testis. It is mostly applicable in men with severe infertility. FNA helps in finding, if a man can have children with azoospermia by finding out whether through sperm retrieval or not. Azoospermia is the condition in which, a man at the time of ejaculation does not produce sperm in the semen.

FNA mapping or sperm mapping is another name for FNAC testis procedure. The potential damages caused to the testis from sperm retrieval can be minimized. The procedure can be done on outpatient basis and is comparatively small. It takes around 50 minutes to complete the procedure. A local anesthesia or oral sedative will be given and it will be proceeded. Firstly, cleaning the scrotum is done. A local anesthesia will be given later to numb the area. From each side, 11-18 FNA samples will be taken by the surgeon. There is no requirement of cut or incisions on the testis or the scrotum. A rest of one to two days is required, since the procedure is done by applying pressure over the area.

After the procedure, pain killers will be prescribed. To return to the normal activities, a time of 24 hours is suggested. Some side effects or complications can be felt due to the procedure. Chronic pain or bleeding and infections may be some of the side effects. The collected samples will be placed on a microscope slide and further been analysed. The presence and location of the sperm can be given after analysis. Before IVF or ICSI procedure, the result can be used for the guidance of sperm retrieval.

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