Fetal Assessment Procedures

A number of fetal assessment procedures are available that monitor the growth of the fetus and identify risks if any. These are mainly harmless to the developing baby. The various fetal assessment procedures are listed below:


This is a painless non invasive procedure. Ultra sound creates images of the baby by using sound echoes. This helps in determining the size and position of the baby within the uterus, the due date, birth abnormalities if any. There are no known risks to the developing baby.


This test can be used to determine the maturity of the baby’s lungs, Downs Syndrome, Neural tube defects and some genetic and chromosomal defects. There might be some complications involved in this process.

Fetal Well Being tests

Non Stress Test: This test monitors the fetal heart beat and contractions of the uterus electronically. It is usually performed after

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28 weeks of pregnancy.

Biophysical Profile: This test also uses ultrasound but takes a little longer than the usual ultrasound. It provides detailed information about the well being of the baby.

If either or both of the tests yield abnormal results your physician would recommend further tests or early delivery.

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