Fertility Counseling for Couples

Infertility is a medical condition which affects all spheres of your life. The emotional pain that couples experience depends on individual personality and life experiences. Seeking professional help would help manage emotional stress associated with fertility treatment. Couples may have a variety of reasons for seeking counseling

  •  Fertility-CounselingEmotional Struggle: Counseling could help you cope with feelings of sadness, depression, worry or anxiety in your daily life. A psychiatrist may also prescribe medications for depression and anxiety. In such cases, consult your doctor if you are on fertility treatments trying to conceive. 
  • Strained Relationships: Infertility problems put relationships under tremendous stress. It may bring you closer to your partner or may take you apart. Counseling helps deal with this stress making you understand and support each other.
  • When considering using third party reproduction (egg/sperm/embryo donation) techniques or when planning for adoption, counseling is a must before treatment.
  • When couples come to realize that they need to have a child free life or go for adoption, a counselor can provide immense emotional support.

 Acknowledging that you need help with your feelings is often as hard as admitting that you are having trouble having a baby. Whatever your reasons may be for choosing a counselor, they would help you by providing the extra support you have always wanted. It is mostly the strong people who realize when they need extra help. You need not feel ashamed to visit a therapist.  

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