Breastfeeding Support

Today majority of mothers are aware of the importance of breastfeeding. Apart from developing a close bond between you and your baby it also provides immunity for the baby to fight against diseases.

Starting to breastfeed

During the first few days, your body will produce only a small amount of special milk called colostrums which protects your baby from infection. Nursing your newborn requires a lot of patience and practice. So check with your nurse or physician on lactation tips. Typically nursing 8-12 times every 24 hours is pretty good. The more frequently you nurse the baby the more milk would be produced.

Breastfeeding Position

While breastfeeding choose a position in which you are comfortable. While sitting up to nurse you can use breastfeeding support pillows on your lap under your baby.

Diet for breastfeeding mothers

You need to have a normal healthy balanced diet while nursing. This ensures the quality and quantity of your milk. Drinking lots of fluids throughout the day helps you remain hydrated.

Breastfeeding problems

Some women may find it easy to breastfeed but there are many new moms who face a lot of physical and emotional problems. You can always revert back to your doctor or midwife if you are suffering from any physical discomfort. You may also have a lot of questions and doubts such as is the baby getting enough milk, how often to feed etc. In such cases, you can check with your health professional or call a support organization that offers encouragement and support to women who want to nurse their babies.

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