Birthing Center

A Birthing Center is a health facility where you get home like care for women in labor from professional health care providers. Midwives, nurses and trained professionals are typical members who would be present to assist you in child birth. Birth Centers used to be an alternative for specialized health care hospitals on the coasts of the U.S. during the 1970s. The Mount Eaton Care Center established in 1984 was Ohio’s first birthing center.Women with uncomplicated, low risk pregnancies can opt for such a facility. They provide features such as showers, bathtubs or whirlpools for birthing. You can decide who all would be present with you while you give birth. They are equipped with most medical facilities like IV, oxygen, medications, testing facilities, backup hospital and emergency on call doctor if need be. Birth centers encourage you to have a drug free delivery and provide breastfeeding support and education. Birth center deliveries are usually cheaper compared to hospitals since the period of stay is very short, usually 12-24 hours after delivery and use very little interventions.

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