Audiology and Speech Therapy

88_40_BMs. Sruthy Sankar BASLP Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist Audiology and Speech therapy is the department of science which primarily focusing on the assessment of people having difficulty in communicating and hearing. This department provides thorough speech as well as hearing diagnostic analysis. Services provided by the Audiology and Speech Therapy Department at Sevana Hospital are: AUDIOLOGY: 1. Audiology Screening 2. Pure Tone Audiometry 3. Special Tests: SISI & TDT 4. Tuning For Tests 5. Hearing Air Trial and Fitting SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY: 1. Brief Speech and Language Evaluation 2. Speech and Language Therapy 3. Articulation Therapy 4. Fluency Therapy 5. Voice Therapy 6. Auditory Verbal Therapy  

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